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Web & Application Developer

Pieter Jan Pollie

What can I do

Front-end development

I have a good knowledge of HTML & CSS and also with the use of Bootstrap. I'm very experienced within Javascript & Frontend frameworks such as Vue.js and React.

Back-end development

I've been active within Javascript since the start of my career so I have mastered the use of Node.JS for flexible backend services. Next to that I have to ability to fully set up an efficient backend with Object Oriented PHP or with Laravel. This includes the setup of servers and the use of databases.

Application development

Due to my long time experience within Javascript I have explored more options such as Discord bots and Windows & Mobile Application with the use of frameworks such as Electron, Ionic & Quasar.

Pieter Jan Pollie


Web & Application developer

My name is Pieter Jan Pollie, a 21-year-old developer from Belgium. I'm a full-stack web developer who mainly focuses on Vue.js frontend and Node.JS & Laravel backend, and who's using the node knowledge to create windows and mobile applications.

I have learned most languages and skills on my own. I have followed a 1-year full-stack development course to expand & improve my skills within Laravel & Object Oriented PHP. I'm continuing to improve & learn new languages / frameworks because this is my passion.






Pulse Clan



Discord Bot


Laravel 5 Package - (No longer maintained)

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